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The Unit 3.0 Hookah | ShishaTobacco-Online.com 

This hookah category is for the hi-tech of hookahs.
We gathered here for you the highest quality and designed hookahs there is.
The hookahs are the product of the newest hookah technology available. The hookahs are made of Aluminum.


The Unit 3.0 Hookah - Chrome
The Unit 2.0 Hookah
This is a 19" super modern hookah with a special Austrian designed aluminum shaft.
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The Unit 3.0 Hookah - Titan
The Unit 3.0 Hookah - Titan

This is a 19" super modern hookah with a special Austrian designed aluminum shaft.
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The Nemesis 2.0 Hookah
The Nemesis 2.0 Hookah

This modern hookah is 28" tall has a beautiful designed solid silver shaft and a matching green modern hookah base. This hookah is a high quality Hookah.

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The Unit 3.0 Hookah - Pink
The Unit 3.0 Hookah - Pink

This is a 19" super modern hookah with a special Austrian designed aluminum pink shaft.The hookah has a special laboratory glass produced in Germany
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The Ager 2.0 Washable Hose
The Ager 2.0 Washable Hose

This special new modern hose is made out of soft rubber therefore it is washable! The hose has a special long metal handle and a cool plastic tip that goes into the hookahs shaft with a matching grommet.
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Operation Manual for The Unit 3.0 

Fill the glass with cold water. The end of the pipe should be about 1cm under water. For cooler smoke you may add some ice cubes.

Turn the pipe with little pressure into the glass in order to assure the seals to be airtight.

Put the pot on the pipe.

Put the sieve over the tobacco. Then put the coal on the sieve with the rounded side downwards.

Put the tobacco into the pot and make sure not to block up the holes. You may suck on the hose to test if the tobacco is not too dense. Do not use too much tobacco because there should be still enough space for the sieve. Tobacco and coal may be purchased at your tobacco retailer. Coal with a 33 mm diameter fits best.

Now put the chimney on the pot.

Light on the coal. If possible use a jet-stream lighter, because it has a hooter flame.

CAUTION: sparks may occur and cause fire.

Wait for approximately 3 minutes until the coal has reached a higher temperature. Now you can suck on the mouthpeace. Blow fresh air from above on the coal if there is only little or no smoke.

Please note: the aluminium parts get very hot. Burn hazard! Do not touch them! Dropping embers may cause fire. The abuse of tobacco causes health injures and must be consumed by respecting the legal regulations

Premium 32" Hookah

Silver 24" Hookah

The Syrian red hookah

Red 28" Dragon hookah